Fully digital CARE 2025 offers strong statements for the future of care

Best practices and new approaches – from post-COVID-19 care to chronic disease management This year’s CARE 2025 was the first fully digital conference by the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF). It welcomed participants from 32 countries in five continents. The live-streamed presentations by renowned speakers sported more than 600 views. Their focus was on healthcare post-COVID-19, on how … Read More

GCCCF and Preventicus join forces

The Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) and Preventicus share a joint vision: Reinventing the continuum of care for advanced patient-centricity, better prevention, and improved outcomes. By leveraging the potentials of digital technologies and telemedical services. By implementing integrated care programs. By smart orchestration of these components to ensure the sustainability of our healthcare systems. Therefore, we agreed on … Read More

Care 2025: patient-centred, connected, and digital

Conclusion of the GCCCF conference 2019: Health and social care systems can master challenges only through better communication and collaboration Safeguarding access, ensuring quality, and enabling economic viability – the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) takes a holistic view on the necessary transformation of health and social care. Last November, 125 leaders in care from 24 countries met … Read More

The digital revolution of medicine

After years of inertia, the willingsness to digitalize has finally arrived in the healthcare sector. ‘Digital’ has become a synonym for ‘innovative’. Digitalization is omnipresent as a promise of salvation, whether for care, hygiene problems or better therapies. This cannot be described by technical innovations alone. The truth is that healthcare, and therefore medicine, are facing fundamental changes that are … Read More

Care 2025

Experts and delegates from all over the world will meet again at this year’s “Care 2025” to discuss innovative strategies and latest approaches for the transformation of care delivery. The Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) provides an international platform for managers from hospitals and clinics, scientists and researchers, political decision-makers as well as industrial partners. “In view of … Read More

Innovate, Orchestrate, and Elevate

Key action items for better care from the conference of the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF)   In November, the GCCCF Conference 2018 addressed an international audience of leaders in care provision, in policymaking, research, and the industry. The motto at the Fontenay Hotel in Hamburg was “Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate, and Elevate”. The Conference showed the enormous … Read More