The GCCCF Hybrid Conference

CARE 2025

digital · preventive · integrated

Friday, November 6, 2020 · Hamburg, Germany and online

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Focus Topics 2020

  • transformational technologies/digitalization for enhancing patient-centricity
  • disease prevention and health promotion by means of population-based interventions
  • integrated care approaches for improving quality and cost-efficiency of healthcare systems

GCCCF Conference

125 delegates from 24 countries participated and made the 2019 conference a great success.

“Thank you for involving me in different aspects of healthcare delivery and allow me to make new contacts that I hope will produce a longer-term collaboration.”

“Also, thank you for those excellent presentations.”

“I am very honored that I met you and many other extraordinary people at the Conference.”

The GCCCF Community

  • consists of close to 500 participants from 27 countries who have attended GCCCF events (conferences and roundtables)

  • and more than 5,300 members of the GCCCF LinkedIn group

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Register by October 23 latest to join us at CARE 2025 on November 6 in Hamburg, Germany.


About the GCCCF

The GCCCF is a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration between academia, politics, and industry. As part of our work, we run an international program of thought leadership roundtables.


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Preventicus offers full service integrated care programs for screening, diagnosis, and management of cardiovascular diseases, such as Atrial Fibrillation. Preventicus’ unique managed care program has shown to identify and diagnose patients with previously unknown Atrial Fibrillation in a cost-effective manner that allows to reduce the overall costs linked to stroke. Distinctive features of Preventicus are superior biosignal-analytic algorithms – certified as a CE class IIa medical product, with worldwide unrivalled clinical evidence –, the completely digital structures, and the pseudonymized concept with a maximum of data protection and data economy.

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