Care 2025

Experts and delegates from all over the world will meet again at this year’s “Care 2025” to discuss innovative strategies and latest approaches for the transformation of care delivery.

The Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF) provides an international platform for managers from hospitals and clinics, scientists and researchers, political decision-makers as well as industrial partners. “In view of the enormous challenges that we face worldwide with regard to care continuum, it is obvious that sustainable solutions can only be developed through interdisciplinary cooperation”, emphasizes Ljubisav Matejevic, the President of the GCCCF.

The keynote speech “The digital revolution of medicine” will be given by Prof. Dr. med. Jörg F. Debatin, Chairman of the Health Innovation Hub (hih), Federal Ministry of Health, Germany. Another focus topic is the optimization of clinical workflows through transforming fragmented data into accessible information, which can be used anytime and anywhere when needed.

The impact of digitalization on the daily work of health professionals will also be featured, also in view of the increasing need for patient engagement. A nursing perspective on Healthcare Industry 4.0 will be illustrated by Abdulqadir Nashwan, Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital in Qatar.

Finally, “Care 2025” will discuss how to achieve the balance between information-driven care and ‘the human touch’.

The conference as well as the reception in the evening before will provide various possibilities for the exchange of knowledge and experience, and for the extension of personal networks.

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