Innovate, Orchestrate, and Elevate

Key action items for better care from the conference of the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF)   In November, the GCCCF Conference 2018 addressed an international audience of leaders in care provision, in policymaking, research, and the industry. The motto at the Fontenay Hotel in Hamburg was “Care 2025: Innovate, Orchestrate, and Elevate”. The Conference showed the enormous … Read More

“Patient care and privacy laws – the current state of (im)balance“ presented by Dr. Liederman, Kaiser Permanente

Eric M. Liederman, MD, MPH, CPE, FHIMSS, will discuss in his presentation at Care 2025 the right balance between caring for patients and protecting their privacy. Empowering patients through direct access to their care providers and to health information is a key factor. Dr. Liederman is director of medical informatics at Kaiser Permanente and the national leader, privacy, security and … Read More

GCCCF welcomes Insel Gruppe as partner of “Care 2025”

Michael Dahlweid, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Insel Gruppe, the largest Swiss healthcare organization, will give a presenation on “Artificial Intelligence in healthcare” at the GCCCF confernence on November 6 in Hamburg, Germany. Insel Gruppe is treating more than 500.000 patients from over 120 nations annually. In addition, its academic hospital is the leading teaching and research medical facility … Read More